Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dinner and a Show

Yesterday was our 3rd wedding anniversary, boy does time fly. Of course for our anniversary we did the normal dinner (large mushroom pizza from Pizza Al's) and a show (WVU-Pitt soccer game), this year we had a guest for both, Georgia made sure that we were enjoying every minute.

The whole night was perfect! Melissa was smiling, Georgia had a blast like she always does at the soccer field and WVU beat Pitt.

Like I said PERFECT!

Eat *%#@ Pitt


Mia said...

Sounds lovely! And congratulations on your anniversary. I am so glad you had a lovely evening. Side note: is Pizza Al's the place you guys got pizza's from for the Chicken crew? Tim has gone on and on about the pizzas you guys brought to them. Said it was the best pizza he had ever had.

Dan Wright said...

Thank ya! It was great! That is the place that Timmy is talking about, we will get some food there when y'all come up to visit.