Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally Front Facing!

I cannot tell you how happy we were when G was finally facing forward in a car seat. Have you ever been on a trip and your kid hasn't made a sound for a long time? What did you do? I jammed my hand back and pinched her nose until she woke up, moved or started crying. Now I can just check the rear view and see her smiling face.

Mother Earth News Fair

We went to the Mother Earth New Fair at Seven Springs Resort last weekend. It was a wild mix of hippies, back-to-landers and militia members learning more about sustainable living.

It was freakin' packed on Saturday. We talked to one of the vendors who claimed that Mother Earth News told them to plan for an event with five thousand people and ten thousand showed up.

Of course Georgia was on her best behavior and had a great time with the animals that were hanging about.

We are Back!

The wife and I have decided to combine our blogs, since neither of us were really on top of posting both blogs fell into ruin. I gave up Facebook about a month or so ago and it is amazing how much free time I have.

Over the last year we have been pretty busy and Georgia is keeping us on the move. I started WVU over the summer and hope to be finished up by next summer. Then at 40 I will have to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Hope everything has been well for everyone and we will be keeping this thing up more often, if you would like to see what is going on in our little slice of the world.


We finally got fruit on our logs! What a difference a year makes. I am not sure what to do with only 5 shitake mushrooms but I bet they will be yummy.