Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Pens and Some Paint

Since the Pittsburgh Penguins started their Playoff run in April, I have been painting every room in the house.  Seems not everyone (Melissa) is as drawn to beige as I am.  I knew the Pens were going to the Cup since I still had the baby room yet to paint.  I am just posting some before and after pictures so I don't pull a muscle patting myself on the back.


I will post more after we finish rehabing some furniture and getting rooms fully decorated.


Mycket said...

Hey! I recognize that artwork! I am glad that you guys really did like it!

Dan Wright said...

The artwork you gave us for the wedding has been a the center piece of our house as well as many conversatiions. Thank you so much!

Melissa said...

Yeah, especially when we figured out what it is! :) When my father-in-law brings friends or family up to visit, it's one of the first things he shows them -- "Look at this. What is it? What does it say?" It's a definite converstaion piece. We love it!

spinster girl said...

It looks great! Really, I mean it!