Saturday, January 31, 2009


This afternoon Melissa and I met Dave Haas and his daughter Payton (named after Walter Payton, crazy Bears fans) at Apple Annie's for lunch. This was just not any lunch though, Apple Annie's has a special Super Bowl Menu and even though we have been eating off of this menu all through the playoffs today I took my camera.
We Started with the "Black and Gold" Chips. Melissa had a hamburger, Payton had the Chicken Fingers but Dave and I were more adventurous.
Dave had the "Steeler Stromboli" and when it arrived all he could say was "Great Googly Moogly" a months worth of grease in one sitting.

I chose to go with the "Blitz" Burger and the "Polamalu Curly Fries". I had the "Big Ben" a.k.a. "The Roethlisburger" last week and wanted to try something different.

What a great meal, and for a door prize I got a football shaped pace maker and a ride to the ER in an ambulance shaped like a Steeler helmet. :)


Unexpected Gifts

Melissa and I went to Charleston last week for some meetings. While we were there we left her car in Morgantown to get a new windshield. My friend (brother is more like it) Dave Haas works for/runs the local shop that replaced the windshield.
We left Charleston on Tuesday morning due to the snow and ice because all our meeting were canceled. When we got back to town Melissa dropped me off to pick up her car while she returned the rental.
To my surprise, after cleaning off 4 inches of snow, Dave had left a bottle of very nice Bourbon and a book for expecting fathers. It turns out that someone did this for him and he is passing along the tradition.
The gift was unexpected and a great gesture, just shows you could not buy a friend as good as Dave with a fist full of fifty dollar bills.