Sunday, September 7, 2008

D.C.- Where the "Unwashed and Well-Read" meet the "Very Stylish and Well-Bred"

We have returned to the Whiskey Path from Washington, D.C.  The Gourds show at The State Theater was incredible.  The energy was amazing and the crowd was as eclectic as the music.  

The Gourds refer to themselves as "Unwashed and Well-Read" and the crowd at the show was more "Very Stylish and Well-Bred" , we were told that this was a typical D.C. crowd ,but it was fun all the same.  

The accordion player from the band looked just like our friend "Red" from Sam's Uptown Cafe in Charleston, WV and Kev Russel shaved his head and beard.  The set list was great, even though, we did not get to hear "Burn the Honeysuckle" it was well worth the trip and look forward to the Rodney Crowell show next month in Pittsburgh. 


Melissa said...

No "Honeysuckle," but closing with "El Paso" almost made up for it!

Man, seeing Red in the show was a little freaky! Where's our backstage pass???

TTHBTK said...

I'm so jealous!!! The Gourds!!! Awesome. I'm going to have to check their touring schedule.